dishRoyal Canin is not your average pet food company. Since our inception in 1967, we have been forerunners in health nutrition because we do things differently. What makes us different is what makes us better. At Royal Canin you won't find fish-shaped pieces or peanut butter stuffed in our kibble. That's because first and foremost, we respect the animal. Gimmicks benefit the pet owner. Superb nutrition based solely on science benefits the pet. Royal Canin doesn't just meet your animals' needs, but also contributes to their longevity and wellbeing. Nutrition that has innovation inside. At Glory Express Puppies we strive to have the healthiest moms & dads, therefore helping us to raise the healthiest puppies. Weaning can be a stressful period for very young puppies. Proper nutrition is critical to a good start and is key to making that transition as easy as possible. That is why we start all our puppies out on Royal Canin Mini Puppy. Proper development of the brain and vital functions are critical in the very young puppy. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil help support your puppy's early cerebral and nervous system development.

During the first months of life, the small breed puppy experiences exceptionally fast growth. His diet must completely satisfy several requirements, such as energy needs, digestibility, and the puppy's developing immune system. Royal Canin Mini Puppy is specially formulated with nutrients like mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) to help stimulate the production of antibodies to help boost the puppy's natural defense system.  Mini Puppy has kibble size that is perfectly suited to the jaw size of the small breed puppy. There is nothing more important to us. We want your experience to be a happy one with your new puppy. Proper levels of protein, fat, calories and minerals will help your large breed puppy grow and thrive. Calcium and phosphorus provide ideal bone and joint development, and the addition of L-carnitine helps convert fat to energy and develop lean body condition and strong bones. Also contains DHA for optimal brain and eye development.

Protein: 29.5% Fat: 18.5%
Calories: 3912 kcal/kg (373 kcal/cup) Calculated ME